Be pure - struccatutto - instant gentle make up remover (face-eyes-lips)

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Micellar water in two stages with amazing properties.

The lower part, enriched with Oxygen Flow, cleanses and removes residues of smog and impurities, allowing the skin to breath.

The upper part, rich in oils (enriched with chia oil and passiflora), quickly removes all make-up residues, also the long-lasting and waterproof one.
Suitable for all skin types.
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For who?
For who wants a gentle make up remover, which is suitable for the all face.

When and how to use
Every day, morning and evening. Shake the bottle. Soak a cotton pad with the product and gently wipe over the face, eyes and lips. No need to rinse.

Micellar formulation in two light part. Leaves no residue on the skin.

1- it's not a simple make up remover, but a very treatment rich of actives
2- as effective as a biphasic remover, but delicate
3- 5 actions in 1 product
Not greasy: formulated with light oil component with the dual nature. The “make up remover” component evaporates after the removal of makeup residue; the “treat” component is highly similar to dermo and is quickly absorbed by the skin. Zero residues on the skin surface.
It does not sting the eyes: gentle formula that respects the physiology of the skin around the eyes (pH, salinity of the tear)
Even without rinsing: no excessive oily residues on the skin surface.
Moisturizes: enriched with açai oil, passiflora and hyaluronic acid, it makes the skin soft and smooth.
It removes also waterproof make-up: thanks to detergent oils that incorporate the more resistant make-up.

Delicate and free of allergens, it pampers your skin with its delicate bouquet of roses and heliotropes, lulled by soft powdery notes. Allergen-free scent.

Deeply cleansed, hydrated, soft and silky skin.

It doesn't contain
Olio minerale
Altri agenti occlusivi

Oxygen Flow: aiuta la pelle a respirare meglio e la rende luminosa.
Oli naturali (acai, passiflora, babassu) e acido jaluronico: preservano l’ottimale grado di idratazione della pelle.

Bottle with flip-flop 400 ml.


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