Biphasic remover

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Removes any type of make-up perfectly. Gentle, it is also ideal for sensitive eyes.
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A make-up remover with a water-based phase and an oil-based one which activate each other by shaking the bottle. It is gentle and natural and can remove waterproof make-up.
Recommended for : all skin types. suitable even for very sensitive skins.

Characteristic and Effect

> effective and gentle
- removes even waterproof make-up
- refreshes the skin
- emollient and soothing
- 150 ml bottle

Active Ingredients

>melilot: calming and astringent. Infusions of Melilot are used to decongest the eyelids and eye contour area
- calendula: emollient, soothing and refreshing
- mango: rich in Vitamins A and C and calcium

Expert's Advice

It can be used to remove make-up from face, eyes and lips. For the face, pour the product on to a cotton wool pad and gently remove make-up with circular movements.
For the eyes, soak a cotton wool pad and wrap it around your index finger and remove make-up first from the upper eyelid, starting from the top downwards. Turn the pad round to the clean part and cleanse the lower lid and lashes moving outwards.
To remove make-up from the lips, soak a cotton wool pad and fold it to form a point to remove make-up from the sides before proceeding with cleansing the lips.

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