Our idea is to create products that are not only attentive to the type of hair you have but that are also attentive to the hairstyle that every woman has in mind. Shampoos, treatments and precious elisir take care of the hair follicle enhancing its natural features. diego dalla palma’s products combine aesthetics with ethics as they are free from of all those useless and dangerous components that modern cosmetic research has taught us to avoid.

Let’s start with curly and beautiful hair that is difficult to manage: knowing and understanding the correct treatment products is the ultimate trick in order to tame them! So which hair care line is best suited to you?

Orgoglioriccio is a formulated hair-care line created for the specific needs of all types of curly hair as it reshapes the waves of each individual hair. For defined, sculpted and ultra soft curls for which to be proud, we suggest using a combination of our 

NO-FRIZZ SHAPING SHAMPOO and our DISCIPLINARY REMODELLING MASK, which boast prestigious properties such as: THE CURLY MEMORY SYSTEM activates the memory of the curl, rendering the hair elastic, soft, and well defined; the SILK PROTEIN COMPLEX creates a film that coats the hair, smooths the surface, and protects it against humidity and frizz, adding a glossy shine while a combination of BLACK CUMIN OIL and AÇAI OIL give body and strengthen the hair from the root. To obtain the best styling results, it is also possible to use:

DEFINED CURLS GEL CREAM: gel cream that helps to define wavy, curly or Afro style hair

ACTIVE CURL POTION: a potion that activates curls and natural waves.

Now moving on to straight hair: the recurring myth that smooth hair is easier to manage is actually false. Achieving perfectly straight hair is not always easy especially for those who have a slight kink or wave in their hair. So what are the hair-care products that best suit your hair?

Liscioperfetto is a line formulated to achieve perfectly straight tresses without allowing the hair to become dull or unmanageable in a short space of time. The principle ingredients of the line stem from the SOS FIBER RECOVERY SYSTEM, a special system of nanoparticles derived from silk proteins: it works deep within the damaged fibres, repairing them, pumping them up, restructuring them, improving their resistance and strength, while also increasing their thickness. Under the effects of the hair dryer and hair straightener, the nanoparticles crystalize and form a protective film that completely envelop the follicles protecting them from humidity and chemical treatments while at the same time creating a perfect style. Our Liscioperfetto line is also characterized by the presence of HYALURONIC ACID, an extraordinary anti-age property that restores the hydration of the skin, while also repairing and restructuring the hair follicle. GLYCOGEN MARINO, an essential source of energy for the cells, which also boasts an anti-aging and anti-stress action on the entire hair fibre. After application, hair follicles find new life, are strong and luminous.

The hair-care products we advise you to use:

PLUMPING-SMOOTHING SHAMPOO: A mild shampoo which, thanks to the SOS fiber recovery system, supplies the hair fibre with body, giving immediate consistency and thickness.

PUMPING PLUMPING SMOOTHING MASK: A shock therapy for frizzy, flyaway and brittle hair that immediately repairs damaged hair fibres with a plumpin and filling booster effect action. The combination of hyaluronic acid and marine glycogen has a recompacting and nourishing action which strengthens and revitalizes the hair and smoothes the scales. The result? Healthy hair and ultra-straight styling which lasts longer, thanks to the nanoparticles of sericin which protect against frizz even on the dampest days.

THE PLUMPING-BOOSTER SERUM: A leave-in serum with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid. It penetrates the structure of the hair, makes hair thicker and gives a perfectly “ironed effect.”

STRAIGHTENING CREAM: Enriched with active thermo-protective ingredients. It creates a film forming sheath that envelopes the hair fibres protecting it from the heat of the hair-straightener and the hair dryer ensuring a smooth and luminous effect that lasts over time. The cream creates a sophisticated and chic style. The product is perfect to be used in combination with hair straighteners to create ultra-straight and neat hair.