Martina Pinto Interview Born in Kenya to Italian parents, Martina Pinto is a beautiful and luminous actress, who although only 26 years of age, has spent half of her life on set. When she was 12, Martina made her debut in the world of television with the Ministeries of Man based on the novel Bel Ami di Guy de Maupassant. Since then, she has starred in numerous television series, among which include: Distretto di Polizia, R.I.S., and Distretto di Polizia, R.I.S., The honor and respect and Le tre rose di Eva. In 2008, she entered into the world of the cinema with the film Grande, grosso e Verdone. 2015 was also a very busy year for her especially in the theatre world as she starred in the comedy The Stairway at theatre 7 in Rome where diego dalla palma was also her make up sponsor.

When did you decide that you wanted to become an actress and which aspect of your job do you like most?

I started when I was little by accident, therefore, I always experienced it like a sort of game; it was only when I finished school that I truly understood that it was what I really wanted to do in life. I love my job and I like to observe people, I like the human psychology: always trying to put myself in someone else’s shoes is stimulating!

What is your beauty ͞must-have͟ that you cannot live without?

Definitely when I am taking off my makeup at night: I love taking care of my skin, even if it’s only a habit that I have acquired a few years ago. I was very lazy before but now I cannot go to bed without having clean and moisturized skin.

How much time do you dedicate to your beauty routine?

Usually I try to treat my skin to a purifying and illuminating facemask around 2 times a week.

Considering the job that I do, my skin becomes very stressed from all the daily makeup that I utilize. What are the must haves in your beauty case?

I cannot live without hydrating cream, which I apply every evening for smooth and glowing skin! With regards to make-up, I am a huge fan of blush, mascara and lipsticks. I never go out without them!

Do you have a preferred diego dalla palma product and if so, why would you recommend it?

I love the hydration passion and the glycolic power kit! They both leave your skin glowing. With regards to make-up, I cannot live without the bon bon blush and the high performance mascara.

Are you good at putting on makeup?

Modestly speaking, I am very good at putting on makeup. It is a real passion of mine. I like to experiment, especially on my friends; I am like their personal makeup artist.

What’s your ideal hair and makeup for the first date?

Makeup for the first date should be simple because men do not really appreciate heavy and ostentatious makeup. I would opt for a light shadow on the eye with a thin line of eyeliner, a lot of mascara, a perfect base, just enough blush and a lip moisturizer. We do not want to look like clowns by the end of the night! (We always want to close the date well!)

Skin, hair or body: which do you most take care of?

Between the three of them, I take care of my face and my body the most - there are so many products to try! You also have beautiful hair.

What is your secret?

I have to say that I am very fortunate because I have always had strong and healthy hair without having to do too much to try and maintain it. I always like to have clean hair but I am not the type of person who has problems using hair-straighteners or putting color in my hair. With the type of work that I do, it would be impossible not to subject my hair to different types of treatments.