As the warm season is approaching, our desire for the sun, sea, sand and of course the holidays becomes insatiable. In order to protect the hair from the sun’s rays, salt and frequent washing and to make sure you keep your luscious locks strong and shiny - diego dalla palma launches O’ SOLEMIO.

During this time of year, regardless of your preferred style, the hair is even more exposed to external elements making it dry, dull and brittle. With the arrival of the summer, it is so important to protect your hair. The sun, while a great mood booster, can sometimes cause enormous damage.The sea and salt air dry out the sebum, which lubricates the hair, while the chlorine present in pools acts as a bleach by slightly distorting the hair’s colour regardless if it is natural or colour treated.

diego dalla palma milano proposes to use O’SOLEMIO, a line of haircare products characterized by a blend of ingredients that nourish and protect the hair by forming a protective shield. The barley proteins present in the Acqua Restore Protein create a protective layer capable of repairing damaged hair fibres, while also restoring them to their optimal hydration level. The products are made and enriched with four natural oils:

Açai - a powerful antioxidant that protects and repairs hair that has been damaged by external agents.

Passion flower - contains Omega-6, which strengthens and protects the hair.

Rice - contains a selection of natural antioxidants that protects against free radicals while also nourishing the hair.

Chia – the base ingredient of Chia Solar Defence is rich in omega-3 acting as a strong repairer and containing powerful antioxidants.

The O’SOLEMIO hair care is composed of:

REPAIRING MOISTURISING SHAMPOO: a gentle shampoo without any sulphates that effectively removes residues of sand, salt and chlorine. The innovative Chia Solar Defence protects the hair from the sun, wind and free radicals while also preserving the vibrancy of both natural and colour treated hair. The shampoo is enriched with a water restoring protein that creates a film, which protects damaged hair fibres while also helping them to reach an optimal hydration level.

REPAIRING MOISTURISING MASK: Silicone free, it is an intensive treatment rich in natural oils that help to nourish hair fibres, while repairing damaged follicles caused by external agents. After use, the hair is softer, hydrated, protected, silky and easy to comb.

ELIXIR MOISTURISING REPAIR SPRAY: a serum to protect your hair from the sun, safeguarding its brilliance and brightness. Its soft, hydrating film wraps around the hair fibre protecting it from salt and chlorine. The result is strong and shiny hair from root to tip. The spray also boasts a triple action formula: it prepares the hair before it is exposed to the sun, protects it during and repairs it after. It nourishes and moisturises it. The elixir will become your favourite ally during warm summer days and you can apply it to your hair any time without worrying about getting greasy hands. The Elixir is also the perfect product to give shape to your blow-dry: it protects the hair and controls frizz.

Are you ready to return to work with a healthy and refreshed look: sun-kissed skin and attractive hair that will be the envy of all your co-workers?