Body trainer 30 - 30 days reshaping intensive program

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This shock "body sculpting" treatment with 3 different synergistic, perfectly balanced formulations, specifically targets and combats imperfections associated with water retention, cellulite, localized fat deposits and saggy skin, even in key areas such as hips, thighs and buttocks.
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Ultra-draining gel salts

  • Aim: reactivate skin microcirculation; stimulate the elimination of excess -uids; reduce the appearance of "orange peel" skin by reducing the visibil i ty of micro and macro cellulite compartments.
  • Action: ultra-concentrated marine salts, enriched with ACTIGYMTM, extract of Chia seeds and turmeric. A highly active gel that puries the skin by stimulating the drainage of -uids and toxins. Day after day, “orange peel skin” is less visible and legs feel lighter.
  • When and how to use: day 1 to 10 of using the kit. Morning and evening, apply 1 DRAINS - Ultra draining gel salts with upward circular movements, from the ankles to the abdomen, focusing on those areas most affected by water retention and cellulite compartments (also apply to the arms, if required).


Sculpting mud cream

  • Aim: combat localised fat deposits and regain a more balanced body.
  • Action: a mud “cream” with laminaria and fucus algae, specifically designed to relieve skin affected by fat deposits and cellulite compartments. Enriched with ACTIGYMTM and polyphenols derived from Peruvian ginseng, this cream promotes the elimination of fat deposit and prevents fat cells from increasing in volume and number. The body is harmoniously redefined and the circumference of the hips, thighs and buttocks is reduced. Thanks to its "absorbable" texture, it does not stain skin and fabrics and is easy to use.
  • When and how to use: 11 to 20 of using the kit. In the evening, apply 2 SLIMS* - Sculpting mud cream using circular movements and focusing on those parts of the body most affected by fat deposits. Do not apply to breasts and neckline. Wash hands thoroughly after use and avoid contact with the eyes. Can cause mild and temporary reddening of the skin due to reactivation of microcirculation on the surface of the skin. This tends to disappear spontaneously in about half an hour.

*Slimming consists of a cosmetic sculpting effect that does not entail weight loss.



Toning anti-gravity concentrate

  • Aim: combat saggy skin and firm and tone the skin.
  • Action: the perfect way to achieve a toned, redefined body. Triple-action: draining, reshaping and toning, thanks to the synergistic action of caffeine, arnica montana and ACTIGYMTM. Strengthens and reorganises the skin’s support structures, smoothing and firming the parts of the body drained and sculpted in the previous phases. The special fast-absorbing texture leaves skin feeling light and fresh and visibly reduces the appearance of “orange-peel skin”.
  • When and how to use: day 21 to 30 of using the kit. Morning and evening, apply 3 FIRMS - Toning anti-gravity concentrate over the whole body, with gentle massage movements. Wash hands thoroughly after use and avoid contact with the eyes.

Apply only one type of product per day, morning and/or evening, according to the above schedule. Repeat the treatment at least 2-3 times a year.


  • The innovative ACTIGYMTM "fat burning" complex that acts as an "internal personal trainer", training skin tissue to burn excess fat more quickly and promoting firmness. It is the targeted response to the desire to achieve a toned, sculpted body. Trained.  
  • Quickly sculpts the body leaving it light, toned and balanced, when combined with the targeted physical exercises.
  • 30 capsule monodose 10 ML
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