Effettispeciali - illuminating crystals

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Illuminating crystal for shiny hair.

The final touch that regenerates hair and turns it into a sparkling jewel.

A beauty ritual that makes every woman a goddess.

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Active ingredents: Yes & NO


Tahitian monoï: a perfumed oil that is the symbolic ofTahiti, obtained through the successful combination of twotypical products of the Polynesian islands: Coconut andTiaré blossom. This rich oil with its well known softening andnourishing properties leaves hair soft, radiant and easy tocomb, protected from the sun’s rays.
linen seed oil: rich in omega-3, it closes the scales of thehair and helps repair split ends, softening and smoothingthe cuticle for radiant and silky hair.
gloss-enhancing agents: these smooth the surface of thehair, giving it glossiness and softness.
anti split ends agents: these coat the surface of the hairwith a fine protective film, protecting it from split ends andbreakage of the fibre


parabens: preservatives that may create phenomena ofirritation.
preservatives: to preserve the gentleness of the product.
phthalates: softening substances that can be harmful forhuman health.
GMO: organisms which have had their gene pool modifiedby man. The repercussions their use may have on healthand the environment are unknown

How to use it

Apply a few drops to wet ordry hair, proceed with styling.For an illuminating effect, apply to dry hair

How do you want your hair to become

Shiny, refurbished and healthy

Why does it work

Enriched in: Tahitian monoi,linen seed oil. Shine intensifying treatment, itinfuses strength and gloss into hair. It closes thescales, leaving the cuticle smooth and polished.

Package Type

Bottle with 50 ml pump

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