Effettispeciali - restructuring shampoo

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Restructuring shampoo, for all hair types, to restore ideal moisturization and natural softness.

A unique formula, which restores well-being and shine to the hair, without impoverishing the hair fibre. Ideal to fortify unmanageable, damaged, treated, dull and lifeless hair.

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Active ingredents: Yes & NO


organic argan oil: a beauty elixir for the skin and hair. The precious argan oil used in the diego dalla palma hair line comes from the fair trade work of the Tanganine’s women’s cooperative, set up in Morocco in 1996, to protect local women’s labour and protect the fragile ecosystem of the argan forests in the area. It is obtained by hand, through a process of cold-pressing the fruit which allows concentrating and preserving its precious contents of oleic and linoleic acids and Vitamin E. It protects and nourishes the hair, leaving it supple and glossy without weighing it down. Excellent to fight split ends and revitalize dry and damaged hair..
linen seed oil: rich in omega-3, it closes the scales of thehair and helps repair split ends, softening and smoothingthe cuticle for radiant and silky hair.
fphytoproteins restructuring: action "substantivizing" and film-forming hair protected and restored, even after harsh chemical treatments. With their regenerative and moisturizing action, make hair more elastic and easy to comb.
provitamin B5: very effective ingredient for hair care, makes them stronger, beautiful and shiny without weighing it down or grease; stimulates growth and soothes scalp irritatio


Parabens:  preservatives that may create phenomena of irritation.
Phthalates softening substances that can be harmful for human health.
Triclosan:un clorofenolo attivo su molti batteri, impiegato da tempo come antisettico e disinfettante.
SLES/SLS:surfactants, substances that "melt" the dirt and it go away with the water.

How to use it

  • Apply a small amount diluted with water to wet hair; 
  • massage and rinse; 
  • proceed with a second application; 
  • leave on for 3 minutes; 
  • massage the lengths; 
  • rinse thoroughly.

What does your hair look like

Rough, treated, damaged, tend to break

How do you want your hair to become

Fed, protected, radiant, soft, disciplined

Why does it work

Hair bath and gentle moisturizer, enriched with precious natural sources such as argan oil and flaxseed oil, which strengthen and restructure the hair fiber in depth, balancing, wash after wash, the optimal harmony of water the hair fiber and the scalp. Used regularly on the weaker and dry hair gives strength and shine, leaving the hair soft and fragrant.

BenefitsStrength, radiance and softness.

Package Type

Bottle 250 ml

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