Gold infusion - youth cream

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A 98% natural luxury cream made of a precious blend of 30 natural oils and pure gold leaves, to recharge the skin of strength and vitality. A powerful “jewel” cream that reconstruct the cutaneous architecture in depth reducing wrinkles, dehydration and loss of elasticity!

Thanks to its small molecular size, it deeply penetrates the skin, promoting the removal of toxins, stimulating cell activity, collagen and elastin production for a powerful anti wrinkle action.

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Its delicate formula respects the natural physiology of the skin, giving it an immediate sense of “well-being”, a brighter and more vital look. Day by day, the skin appears smoother and brighter renewed with elasticity and firmness.

Soft, light weight luxury texture, instantly absorbed by the skin.

How to use:

every day, morning and evening. Stir the cream with its own spatula and apply it on clean face and neck.
Massage with circular movements until completely absorbed avoiding the eye contour area.
For a more powerful action and more visible results, use the revitalizing youth serum before the cream.



Stimulates the microcirculation Reactivates the cell metabolism Regenerates, brightens and revitalizes dull skins Minimizes deep wrinkles and imperfections Boosts the skin energy Powerful Detox action – promotes the removal of toxins.

This product is FREE from paraffin, mineral oils, silicones


Pure Gold: Recharges the skin of strength and vitality, and restores to the face the precious splendor of youth.
Derma GENIUS CPX: awakens the functionality of fibroblasts, the skin cells that produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and makes the skin smoother and more toned.
30 natural precious oils: nourish and moisturize the skin, making it soft and elastic.

Pure gold.
Thanks to its small size molecules, it is able to penetrate deeply, promoting the removal of toxins, stimulating cell activity and producing collagen and elastin for a powerful anti wrinkle action.
Its use from ancient times is also linked to its many other actions: stimulate the microcirculation, reactivates metabolism with regenerating and vitalizing action.
It makes the skin brighter and minimizes the visibility of wrinkles and imperfections It energizes and awakens skin tired and intoxicated by toxins.

30 natural precious oils:

  1. vanilla of Tahiti
  2. bourbon vanilla
  3. argan
  4. abyssinia
  5. jojoba
  6. ylang-ylang
  7. gardenia of Tahiti
  8. white water lily
  9. frangipani
  10. passionflower
  11. patauà
  12. acai
  13. burrites
  14. babassu
  15. hibiscus
  16. mandarin
  17. sweet orange
  18. tangerine
  19. grapefruit
  20. clementine
  21. lavender
  22. cardamom
  23. coconut
  24. apricot
  25. apple
  26. puakenikeni
  27. kapoor
  28. red plumeria
  29. monoi
  30. rice

Packagin 45 ml.
Precious packaging.

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