Lisciospaghetto - straightening cream

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Straightening cream for ultra-straight and neat hair.

A sophisticated and chic style, where the concept of straightness reaches sublime and impeccable perfection, irresistible with medium-long or long hair, absolutely using straighteners.

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Active ingredents: Yes & No


heat-protective agents:  based on panthenol and amino acids of keratin which are activated with heat and create a special “heal-protective” film on the hair when subjected  to the heat of a hairdryer or straighteners. They prevent the hair fibre from draying and scaling and make hair easier to style for glossy and soft hair.
heat-restructuring agents: these have a specific action against the attack of free radicals, ultra-violet rays and other environmental stress. They penetrate the hair fibre, restructuring it and leaving it soft  and moisturized.
argan oil: a beauty elixir for the skin and hair. It protects and nourishes the hair, leaving it supple and glossy without weighing it down. Excellent to fight split ends and revitalize dry and damaged hair. It is not greasy.
passion flower oil: rich in linoleic acid and omega 6 fatty acids, with a repairing and nourishing action for soft and glossy hair.


colourings: to enhance the natural colour of the hair.
parabens:  preservatives that may create phenomena of irritation.
triclosan: an aggressive preservative often the cause of irritative reactions.
phthalates: softening substances that can be harmful for human health.

How to use it

Apply to towel-dried hair, working towards the ends. Special for hairdryers and straighteners.

How do you want your hair to become

Perfect, glossy shades, protected by phon, plate and moisture

Why does it work

Enriched with active thermo-protective agents. It creates a micro-film-forming sheath that coats and protects the hair fibre from heat for a long-lasting ultra-straight, radiant, anti-fly away effect.

Expert's Advice

Using the palms of bothhands apply the product pressing directly ontowashed damp hair for deep penetration. Toensure a long-lasting effect, dry hair thoroughlyto eliminate residual moisture.

Package Type

125 ml tube

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