Mascara prima visione

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Emphasizes and thickens the lashes.
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The revolutionary new applicator in softest latex is the perfect tool for emphasizing and redeFIning your eyelashes for an amazing TOTAL EFFECT.
A unique double action: the part with the shorter bristles (1), more widely-spaced bristles takes up a greater load of the product to thicken and reshape your lashes.
The part with the longer bristles arranged as a comb separates the lashes and removes any lumps, for an amazing lengthening and curling effect.Characteristic and Effect

- emphasizes and thickens the lashes
- lengthens and curls
- separates and combs thanks to the bristles arranged as a comb
- excellent colour: extremely shiny and deep black
- makes lashes more exible without heavy emphasizes and thickens the lashes, intensifying the power of your gaze, with richer, stronger colour and eye
- lashes that are thicker and more de ned

Active Ingredients

- vitamin E to protect your lashes, making them fuller and more flexible
- special pigments for exceptional sheen and intense, long-lasting colour
- wax and protective polymers makes your lashes ultra- flexible

Expert's Advice

To obtain an optimal result rest the applicator at the base of the lashes using the side with the shorter bristles and roll on following the natural curve of the lashes. Then use the part with the longer bristles arranged as a comb to comb through and separate the lashes, creating a well-de ned finish with no lumps.

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