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MASCARATUBE extends and volumizing the lashes in only one lick.
It gives extended volume to the lashes and it is easy to remove: just warm water and a slight pressure of the fingers.
MASCARATUBE uses the tubing technology, that creates some fine and shiny small tubes giving colourful, volume and lengthening unexpected effect.

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For whoTo those who wants extend and volumizing lashes, and hates the long ritual of remove make up eyes.

The plusesIdeal for who has delicate eyes or wearers contact lens
Excellent stability because after drying, the tubes do not break, drool and fall off
The tubes are resistant to tears, humidity and sweat
Easy to remove: with warm water and slight pressure of the fingers

Active ingredients
Aginine: aminoacido naturale ideale per rigenerare e rinforzare le ciglia
Apricot oil: protegge e ammorbidisce le ciglia
Film-forming resins: dall’elevata flessibilità, avvolgono le ciglia modellandole e aumentandone il volume. Fissano i pigmenti e prolungano la tenuta del colore.
Rosemary extract: ripara i danni causati da agenti esterni

Image consultant's tipsApply mascaratube positioning the brush to the root of the lashes making a light pressure and until the tips. It’s fundamental to wrap lashes over their entire length, so as to be completely coated by the creamy texture. The flexible polymers will give you instantly an extended and volumizing lashes. Thanks to its particular texture it is not necessary to repeat the mascara application (by applying another coat). This particular texture doesn’t more applications. Easy to remove with warm water and light pressure of the fingertips on lashes. The small tubes will quickly slip out of the lashes thus avoiding a too strong make up removal that might weaken them.

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