Oh my lift! Superheroes mask - fresh look mask eye contour & forehead

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Intensive smoothing treatment enhancing the beauty of the skin in few minutes.

A global action on the eye contour area, from temple to temple and onto the forehead, reducing fine and deep wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles, for a glowing look.
Perfect to be used before a special event or on daily bases.

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Texture Velvety quick absorbing texture.

PACKAGING Cloth mask soaked in 15 ml serum packaged

RESULTS Smoother skin, dark circles, eye bags, fine and deep wrinkles on the eye area and forehead considerably reduced.


Gamma aminobutyric: acid associated to biomimetic peptides with botox-like cosmetic action. It stimulates the collagen production counteracting micro-contractions and smoothing out all types of wrinkles and expression lines

Escine: Anti dark circles and eye bags

Double Skin Power Mask, double layer technology: The inner layer, soaked in concentrated serum stands in contact with the skin making the active ingredients penetrate into the skin, while the external layer makes a barrier empowering the action of the active ingredients.

IT DOESN’T CONTAIN Perfumes Paraffin Mineral oil Propylene glycol Dyes

WHEN AND HOW TO USE Once or twice a week and before a special event Place the mask onto the face (forehead and eye contour area) with the silver side on the outside. Leave it on for 10 minutes then massage the serum until completely absorbed. Avoid the direct contact with eyes. Because of its powerful action, it may cause temporary light itchng after the application.

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