Riccioscolpito - defined curls gel cream

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Defined curls gel cream for shaped and disciplined curls.

A style with dazzling oomph to it, with ultra-defined curls that look as though they have been sculpted.

Which keep the firmness of their shape with energy, perfect curls with medium-length or layered hair.

For shaped and disciplined curls.

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Active ingredents: Yes & NO


shaping film-forming agents: these create a shaping microfilm with calibrated fixing on the surface of the hair, to give flexible hold and a natural movement to the style. They coat the hair fibres from the roots to the ends with a visible volume effect and protect the style from humidity.
arginine: a natural amino acid. It is one of the main components of keratin: it penetrates the hair fibre easily (especially if damaged and lifeless), bonding itself to it with a body-giving, restructuring and reinforcing  effect. It moisturizes and smoothes the hair fibre and defines the curl with disciplined, full and redesigned  waves (corkscrew).
structural polyphenols from walnut: these form a protective micro-sheath on the hair surface against  the action of free radicals and recompact the hair fibre for protected hair nourished in depth.
moisturizing agents: these moisturize and nourish the hair, preserving it from phenomena of dryness and loss of suppleness.


parabens: preservatives that may create phenomena of irritation.
colourings: to enhance the natural colour of the hair.
phthalates: softening substances that can be harmful for human health.
triclosan: an aggressive preservative often the cause of irritative reactions.

How to use it

Apply a small amount to washed and towel-dried hair. Proceed with styling.

How do you want your hair to become

Perfectly designed and ordered curls

Why does it work

Enriched with arginine. It coats every curl, making them more harmonious. Hair is protected from the damp and  free from frizz, for disciplined, full and redesigned waves

Expert's Advice

Dry the hair rolling eachlock around a finger. Use a curling iron to enhancesome waves for soft sinuous ringlets

Package Type

125 ml tube

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