Saniprincipi - nourishing shampoo

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Nourishing shampoo for dry and lifeless hair.

A line of revitalizing  and extremely nourishing treatments that can give hair softness, strength and shine.

Deep nourishment thanks to specific products for dehydrated and dry hair.


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Active ingredents: Yes & No


gentle surfactants: gentle foaming agents that cleanse the hair respecting the structure of its fibre and leaving it soft and nourished. Ideal for damaged and fragile hair.
micro-keratin: a special keratin with a low molecular weight and rich in cysteine, one of the most important components of hair. It penetrates the hair fibre more easily and  gives the hair “body”, increasing its resistance and flexibility, for hair that looks healthy and vital.
restructuring phytoproteins from soy: with a “body-giving” and film-forming action, even after aggressive chemical treatments. With their restructuring and moisturizing action, they leave hair suppler and easier to comb.
structural polyphenols from walnut: these form a protective micro-sheath on the hair surface against  the action of free radicals and recompact the hair fibre for protected hair nourished in depth.


SLES/SLS: aggressive foaming agents that can have a drying action on hair and scalp.
parabens: preservatives that may create phenomena of irritation.
phthalates: softening substances that can be harmful for human health.
triclosan: an aggressive preservative often the cause of irritative reactions.

How to use it

Apply evenly over wet hair, massage and rinse off thoroughly.

What does your hair look like

Rough, treated, damaged, tend to break.

How do you want your hair to become

Fed deep, regenerated, silky and bright

Why does it work

A cleansing restorative base rich in  structural polyphenols from walnut. This supplies substance to the hair, reinforcing its structure and helping smooth the scales.

Package Type

250 ml bottle

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