Wooden brush m - EXTREME STRAIGHT

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Quick and even blow-dry - thanks to its high-density bristles of uneven length, which provide a perfect grip on the hair.

Healthy and shiny hair - thanks to its top-quality reinforced boar bristles.

For medium-long hair.

Diameter 22 mm.

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Useful notes

  1. Comb your hair before drying it;
  2. Prevent breakage by pre-drying your hair about 70%, then use a specific brush to style it as you wish;
  3. Work in small sections starting from the bottom up;
  4. Always blow-dry hair from the roots to the ends and never the other way around;
  5. Clean your brush regularly. Remove any hair trapped in the bristles and rinse the brush with warm water and a few drops of shampoo once a week.


  • Professional anti-breakage and anti-split end brushes;
  • Anti-static wooden brushes with soft-touch non-slip handles;
  • Long handle for easy styling;
  • Ultra-light to reduce wrist fatigue;
  • Made in Italy brushes. 
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