The body dreamer - multiactive & moisturising 10 in 1 oil scrub

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Multi-action, practical and ultra-fast: scrub + moisturizer to be used in the shower if you wish to regenerate the skin in your body and make it smoother in 1 minute!

Formulated with 9 natural oil benefits, enriched with vitamin E and astaxanthin, it leaves on your skin a comfortable protective film, which does not require the additional step of applying a body lotion after showering.

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Its special exfoliating particles melt on the skin, making it soft and firm.

For who?For who wants to regenerate the skin and make it smoother in 1 minute.

When and how to use?Can be used every days. 
Apply a larger quantity on damp and already cleansed skin. Massage with circular moves, focusing on rough areas. Thoroughly rinse. Suitable for sensitive skin.

TextureCreamy and enveloping, It is enriched with exfoliating particles which melt on the skin.

PerfumeDelicate and allergen free blending of powdery floral notes of rose and heliotrope.
NOTE: specifically with the same perfume of multiactive oil 10 in 1.

PlusFormulation, based on gentle natural origin oils, is suitable for the most sensitive skin and for pregnant women.

ResultsMoisturized, smooth and soft skin.

PackagingTube 250 ml

Ingredients List

Formulated with 9 natural oil benefits, enriched with Vitamin E and Astaxanthin, it gives immediate smoothness and softness to dry and damaged skin thanks to its 10 in 1 action:

  1. HYDRATING ACTION: passiflora, meadow foam and rice oils regulate the hydration level and protect the skin barriers.
  2. REGENERATING ACTION the regenerating proprieties of the astaxanthin and vitamin E, protect the skin against the external agents regenerating it.
  3. ANTI AGEING ACTION global protection against the free radicals from the acai oil, astaxanthin, and vitamin E.
  4. REPAIRING ACTION the regenerative action of the astaxanthin, the vitamin E and the meadow foam, protect the skin and stimulate its self repairing action.
  5. BRACING ACTION black cumin oil protects the collagen fibres. SOOTHING ACTION black cumin oil keeps the skin soft and silky.
  6. LENITIVE ACTION the Vitamin E and the babassu oil regenerate stressed and dehydrated skins.
  7. ELASTICIZING ACTION argan and meadow oils, soften and hydrate the skin.
  8. EMOLLIENT ACTION açai and sweet almond oils soften and repair the skin.
  9. FIRMING ACTION sweet almond and argan oils softening and protect the skin structure.

It doesn't containNo Silicone
No Mineral oil
No Synthetic oils
No Dyes
No fragrance allergens

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