Smoothing Tonic Serum

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A tonic with a hydrating and rebalancing action.


Smoothing Tonic Serum

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A tonic with a hydrating and rebalancing action. It creates a fine protective film on the skin with an immediate lifting effect. The formula is gentle, without alcohol or preservatives. It does not burn the eyes.


EAN 8017834844467
For Those For those who do not like utilizing a standard tonic as they find it “excessive,” and who want a product that gives instant visible results to the skin.
Package Type 250 ml container with a flip-flop tap

Thoroughly concentrated in active ingredients, it is not a standard tonic but a serum that hydrates, refreshes and creates a lifting effect. It can be used not only as a tonic but also as a:

  •  -hydrating gel during warm periods, applying it to the face many times a day;
  • - an aftersun gel to refresh and soothe the face;
  • - a serum tensor to be used before applying makeup in order to soften and smooth the skin;
Usage and Results Apply every day, morning and evening, after cleansing; distribute the product onto a cotton ball and tap delicately onto the face and neck. The skin is more toned and lifted.

A triumph of rose. Petals and buds end with a delicate harmony of powder and musk.

  • Paraben Free Preservative
  • Free Mineral oil Free
  • Propylene glycol Free
  • Triclosan Free
Active Ingredients
  • -3D Instant Lift System: innovative 3D express lift system obtained by tapioca. It adheres instantly to the skin creating a micro-film tensor for a smooth and hydrating effect. The connection of hyaluronic acid and high and low weight of the molecular allows the skin to retain high levels of water.
  • -Glycosaminoglycans: small “foundation blocks,” and groundbreaking hyaluronic acid. Cellular messengers protect the vital functions of the cells and the transmission of messages and safeguard the signs of youth. They stimulate the new formation of hyaluronic acid and supports the circulation of blood. Thanks to their small dimensions, they not only penetrate the skin but they render it more permeable to other active ingredients.
  • -Jojoba second skin: a particular derivative of jojoba oil that creates a soft, protective film on the skin, which renders it firm and hydrated. Pantenolo (provitamina B5): it harmonizes the fragile state of dry and sensitive skin and it repairs the micro-cracks of scaly skin.
  • -Betaina: aids skin hydration and protects it from irritations. It also offers an anti-age action; it increases the production of collagen and the growth of fibroblasts.
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