Cruise Collection 2017

There is a butterfly that emerges from the cocoon, there is a woman flying high, there is a female astronaut spinning above our heads.

There is a sky, there is a light blue colour, there is the gold of the stars, there is the colour of the earth. A nude body because purity does not need clothes.

Candour needs eyes because only in them you can read the truth. And the truth is that this woma represents the desire for new colours, new emotions, a new sky above us.

First desire is born then the wings sprout. Immediately fragile like those of a butterfly, then as powerful as the imagination.

Watch the tutorial video.

Eye powder kajal - brown

Eye powder kajal - brown

Long wearing gold copper e aquamarine eyeshadow

Long wearing gold copper e aquamarine eyeshadow

Passion lip stylo

Passion lip stylo

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