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A fresh multi-concealer for the eye contour. Its special roll-on metal ball application allows targeted action against bags and dark circles.

For more rested eyes. It respects the physiologiacal pH of the eyes and is also suitable for delicate eyes.
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For those whoFor those who want a product that immediately makes bags less visible,
dark circles and fine lines, immediately giving a brighter look
and rested.

textureTexture in fresh gel but with a silky touch. It dries quickly
with a tensor lifting effect.

Content, weighttube 15 ml

Plus• special roll on metal ball applicator with 3 rotating balls for one
reactivating massage against bags and dark circles.
• immediate optical correction of defects thanks to special pigments
concealers and retouch effect textures.

ResultsBorse ed occhiaie meno visibili per uno sguardo luminoso, disteso
e dall’aspetto riposato.

PerfumingFragrance free

When to use and howEvery day, morning and evening, press the bottom of the pen to dispense a small quantity
of product. Perform a light massage with the roll-on metal ball to facilitate the reactivation of the
microcirculation of the eye area. Avoid direct eye contact.

Does not containNo parabens
No preservatives
No perfume
No paraffin
No mineral oils
No propylene glycol
No triclosan

ContainsAcetyl tetra peptide-5: the process of degradation of collagen and elastin fibers carried out by sugars and called "Glycation" is particularly evident in the delicate area around the eyes, where the skin is thinner. The role of collagen and elastin fibers is in fact fundamental also for capillary resistance, given that the capillary walls are both composed and supported by collagen and elastin fibers. Acetyl tetra peptide-5 is a bio-mimetic peptide specifically designed for application in the eye contour area because it protects the collagen and elastin fibers from degradation and improves the resistance of the capillary walls by counteracting the formation of wrinkles, dark circles and scholarships (reduction in the volume of scholarships by 70% after 28 days of treatment). Green tea Catechin: with an immediate soothing effect of the ideal area for the treatment of periocular area problems. Improves microcirculation by reducing the presence of blue circles and bags.
Caffeine: draining, it allows a rapid elimination of the liquid present in the eye contour bags.
Ceramides: rebalance the barrier function of the skin and restore its correct lipid film.
Hyaluronic acid: creates a moisturizing and smoothing microfilm on the surface of the skin, filling fine wrinkles. The combination of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid allows the skin to preserve water reserves at multiple levels.
Betaine: active with a high moisturizing capacity, it controls the level of hydration of the skin and protects it from irritation. It also has an anti-aging activity, increasing collagen production and fibroblast growth.
Vitamin E: anti free radicals, protective, nourishing

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