LOVE ME BLENDER - precision sponge

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It’s the new generation make-up sponge, conceived to perfectly blend any sort of foundations: Fluid, cream, compact or powder! …but LOVE ME BLENDER is not only a foundation sponge…it may also be used with all make-up products, like the lipsticks!
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Product notesMade of hydrophilic materials.
Thanks to its oval shape and its soft texture it perfectly adapts to the face features such as forehead, cheeks and chin.
Can be used wet or dry: wet for natural finish, dry for intense finish and higher coverage.
Latex free

Usage notesIdeal to apply all sorts of make-up products: foundation, concealers, blush, highlighters, powders and contouring creams.

The edged flat side of the blender is designed to apply make up on the most extended areas of the face, such as forehead, cheeks and chin.
The conical side is designed to apply make up onto the most difficult areas of the face, such as nose, lips and hairline.
Soak LOVE ME BLENDER into warm water, wait for it to absorb the water until it swells, then rub it on a soap bar.
Rub and wipe the blender with your finger tips from the bottom to the top of the sponge then rinse it off.
In just a few minutes the blender is perfectly clean.
Let it dry in the air.

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