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A shock therapy for frizzy, flyaway and brittle hair that immediately repairs damaged hair fibres with a plumpin and filling booster effect action.

The combination of hyaluronic acid and marine glycogen has a recompacting and nourishing action which strengthens and revitalizes the hair and smoothes the scales.

The result? Healthy hair and ultra-straight styling which lasts longer, thanks to the nanoparticles of sericin which protect against frizz even on the dampest days.
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Usage notesDistribute it evenly over washed and towel-dried hair, leave to act for a few minutes, massaging the lengths and the ends of the hair and rinse thoroughly.

Content: weight, gr/ml200 ml

Bottle typejar

CompositionIT CONTAINS
SOS fiber recovery system: a special system of nano-particles of sericin, the silk protein. It acts in depth, inside the damaged fibres, plumps, repairs and restructures, improving their resistance and strength and increasing the thickness of the fibres. It straightens hair, reducing frizz and avoiding it becoming flyaway, leaving it smooth and glossy. Under the effect of the hairdryer and straighteners, the nano-particles of sericin crystallize, forming a protective film which fully coats the hair fibres, protecting them from the damp and chemical treatments and keeping the style perfect at the same time.
Hyaluronic acid: known for some time now as an extraordinary anti-ageing and moisturizing active ingredient for the face, with a plumping effect, it guarantees the same effect on the hair as well. It is physiologically present in our body, where it performs its moisturizing power by absorbing moisture and retaining it, to release it according to the needs of our organism. Unfortunately, with the passing of time, it tends to decrease and for this reason it is important to supplement it from the outside with targeted and specific products. When the hair is attacked by colouring, the sun, wind, brushing, the hairdryer and straighteners, it become dehydrated and loses volume and luminosity and this is where hyaluronic acid comes into action, restoring optimal hydration and repairing and restructuring it thanks to its special structure which allows it to penetrate in depth. It also has a real filler effect, which plumps the fibre from the inside, giving the hair a strong structure so that it is enveloped and protected from the inside to the outside.
Marine glycogen: highly purified, it is an essential source of energy for thecells. It has an anti-ageing and anti-stress action on the whole of the hair fibre; it stimulates the growth of the hair follicles and the reproduction of the keratinocytes, cells specialized in the synthesis of keratin. This way the hair regains new life and is strong, sturdy and luminous
Coconut oil: this is a plant oil obtained from the flesh of the coconut. It is rich unsaturated fatty acids with a moisturizing, emollient and nourishing effect. It is traditionally used by Indian women for soft and glossy hair. It delays the physiological loss of colour, gives volume and shine and reduces frizz, repairing hair damaged by the sun and aggressive external agents.

petrolatum: derivato dal petrolio dall’azione occlusiva
parabeni: conservanti che potrebbero creare fenomeni irritativi.
ftalati: sostanze plastificanti che possono essere dannose.
triclosan: conservante aggressivo spesso causa di reazioni irritative.

Customer to whom it is addressedFor those who want perfect, glossy shades, protected by phon, plate and moisture.

Hair typeRough, treated, damaged, tend to break

FunctionA real shock treatment to repair damaged hair fibre from the very first application. Thanks to the SOS fiber recovery system with a filling and replumping action and booster effect: it penetrates into the cortex and supplies matter in depth, repairing and restructuring all types of hair. The combination of hyaluronic acid with marine glycogen has a recompacting and nourishing action which reinforces and revitalizes the hair and smoothes the scales, as well as ensuring long-lasting straightness for days on end. the nano-particles of sericin are activated by the heat of the straighteners and hairdryer, creating a supple protective film that repels humidity, for a real anti-frizz shock treatment.
It leaves hair stronger, vital, full-bodied, supple and glossy, it moisturizes intensely without weighing hair down and prevents split ends.

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