OH MARIJU! cannabis sativa seed oil Multi-action oil

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An amazing oil made of sativa cannabis seeds extracts and enriched with purified extract of leaves, flowers and stems, rich in Phyto-cannabinoids to take full advantage of the anti-oxidant, soothing and elasticizing properties of this plant… a prodigy of nature.
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Rich in skin-like properties, it makes the skin look bright giving a new vitality to the complexion.

Product noteWe have used sativa cannabis seeds only without chemicals, grown on the Italian territory.
Seeds are cold pressed without any solvents added and refining processes. For a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly approach.

How to use it on face and body, massage it until completely absorbed; We suggest to increase the quantity on the most damaged or dry areas.

Content100 ml


  • 100%VEGAN

It does NOT contain:
THC, psychoactive molecules from cannabis, silicones, synthetic oils, paraffin.


cannabis sativa oil (seeds): it strengthens the natural barrier of the skin and has powerful moisturizing, illuminating and restorative actions. Extremely skin-like and quick-absorbing. Ideal for dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin.

Phyto-cannabinoids: from the leaves, flowers and sativa stems, a powerful soothing action, anti-free radicals, firming, purifying and anti wrinkles.

For who Perfect remedy for all skin types (dehydrated, dry, mature, stressed, dull, irritated).

Risults hydrated and glowing skin. A true feeling of relief and well-being.

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