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Shaping aqua wax for shiny and disciplined hair.
A style for plucky women, who release signs of essential femininity from androgynous signs.
With a short cut, à la garçonne, it is the style for those who like a tousled look and without compromises - for shiny and disciplined hair.
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Usage notesApply to hair shaping as desired. On dry hair for a more extreme texture. Easy to eliminate.

For a glamorous style,spread a small amount of product on both handsand apply to the hair modelling with the fingers.For a simpler style comb the product through thehair.

Content: weight, gr/ml100 ml

Bottle typejar

CompositionIT CONTAINS
shaping film-forming agents: these create a shaping microfilm with strong fixing on the surface of the hair, to give flexible hold and an impeccable finish. They coat the hair fibres from the roots to the ends and protect the style from humidity.
marine spring water: particularly rich in trace elements to moisturize and smooth the surface of the hair and protect it against external aggressions.
multi-active trace elements: micro-nutrients in a highly bio-available form, based on silicon, zinc, magnesium, copper and iron, to reinforce the structure of the hair fibre and make it resistant and give volume.
moisturizing agents: these moisturize and nourish the hair, preserving it from phenomena of dryness and loss of suppleness.

colourings: to enhance the natural colour of the hair.
triclosan: an aggressive preservative often the cause of irritative reactions.
GMO: organisms which have had their gene pool modified by man. The repercussions their use may have on health and the environment are unknown.
alcohol: to protect the moisturization of the hair fibre

Customer to whom it is addressedFor those who want natural to invisible effect.

FunctionNon-greasy water-based wax. It increases the hydration and radiance of hair. Ideal for short and point cut hair. Flexible hold.

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