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Intensive firming anti-age cream.

Stimulates collagen production and strengthens the skin's support structures, combating sagging skin and loss of definition.
Also visibly reduces deeper wrinkles such as the nasolabial folds and sculpts the contours of the face.
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For those whoFor skin with wrinkles, loss of tone, signs of seriousness, loss of definition of the contours of the face.

Content, weightvase 50 ml

PlusBIO-PLACENTA: Innovative multifunctional complex with 5 epidermal and dermal growth factors, enriched with amino acids and folic acid, with synergistic action.

ResultsStrictly proven effectiveness. Visible results in just 28 days.
Visibly redefines the contours of the face 65%*
Increase in skin density (collagen and elastin) 75%**
Reduction of wrinkles 80%***
Increase in radiance 90%****

Clinical/instrumental studies carried out on 20 subjects after 28 days of treatment.
Daily use of TIME CONTROL global anti-age cream and global anti-age eye and lip contour cream combined with weekly use of TIME CONTROL global anti-age mask
*Results measured following clinical analysis of digital images of the lower face. Percentage of subjects who reported visibly improved definition of the lower face
**Results measured using skin ultrasound. Percentage of subjects who reported a statistically significant increase in skin density.
***Results measured using Three-Dimensional Optical Profilometry. Percentage of subjects who reported a statistically significant decrease in average profile roughness.
****Results measured using a cutometer. Percentage of subjects who reported a statistically significant decrease in baseline skin extensibility values.

When to use and howApply morning and evening after cleansing and toning the face, working outwards with straight movements from the centre of the face. Continue down the neck, from the chin to the neckline.

Does not containDoes not contain:
Mineral oil
Propylene glycol

ContainsBio-placenta: an innovative biotechnological complex that contains 5 dermal and epidermal growth factors, amino acids and vitamins with extraordinary anti-wrinkle, elasticising and revitalising properties.
Up ContourComplex: lifts and defines the contours of the face and combats saggy skin and the signs of gravity.
Ceramide plus complex: with powerful restructuring and toning properties.

CuriosityDay after day, skin appears smoother and more compact and the facial contour is resculpted.

Anti-age GLOBAL action against the main signs of aging that alter the beauty of the face.

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